Instagram Photo Diary: Spring 2014

Instagram Photo Diary: Spring 2013
(left to right, top to bottom)

  1. Proof that Target's dollar section is the best. I organized paychecks, tax papers, contracts, school stuff, and other important documents with these cute magazine holders, and even made labels with the matching stickers and scrapbooking paper I got from there too.  
  2. Had a little lunch date on Melrose with these gorgeous Flock Together girls! Ashley and I got to meet up with Elana and a couple of her friends during their spring break. It was so great to finally meet her after swapping and reading her blog for a couple of years. She's so sweet and easy to talk to in person.
  3. Thanks to my dad for bringing me back a few flats from Posh Pocket during his trip to the Philippines! Foldable flats aren't anything new, but these are the cutest ones I've seen. They come in the latest styles and colors, and even include a carrying pouch that converts into a tote if you want to change out of your shoes and into the flats. They have padding and are way more comfortable than some of my regular flats too. I wish they had these in the states. 
  4. A little peek of my new haircut. It's the shortest I've had it since I was a child. I'm still getting used to it, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. It's exactly what I wanted.
  5. My grandma's birthday. We showered her with pretty flowers and some bubbly (her favorite things).
  6. My co-worker brought a box of donuts to share with everyone at work. I chose the one with sprinkles, of course.
  7. A little surprise from Lucky Brand's Johnny Cash collaboration: a screenprinted tank and his new album.
  8. My sister (left) and I sometime in the 90s. Check out those puff shoulders on my sis and our crazy straight bangs. We were stylin'.

A few snaps from spring so far.
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