Photo Diary: Scenes from a Holiday

Left to right, top to bottom:

1. The best friend and I at Disneyland for a much needed "Best Friend's Day".
2. DIY nails: chunky stripes in a shimmery red (Butter London's "Chancer") and champagne (Julep's "Zelda").
3. My sister and I in our awesome elf onesies from Target. 
4. Bojangles peeking through presents and stuff while I was wrapping.
5. My new ornament from Mom and Dad (a family tradition). I got Tinkerbell.
6. The s'mores bars I made for Christmas brunch (recipe here).
7. The chevron striped Snuggie my sister got for me! Haha. I've already used it a few times.
8. Our Christmas tree all lit up.
9. Christmas brunch with everyone!
10. Family pajama photo (Dad as Santa, Mom as The Grinch, me and my sister as elves).

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite personal shots and Instagram (@sweetsandhearts) photos from the past couple of weeks. I had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too!

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