Photo Diary: Adventures in New York City - Part II

1. Statue of Liberty

Finally, Part II of my New York City trip! Check out Part I, or click on "Read More" below to see the rest of my trip, which included macarons from Laduree, the Big Piano at FAO Schwarz, and the top of the Empire State Building!

...and maybe even a little 30 Rock, too.

2. Grand Central Terminal

3. "30 Rock" Sign

4. Macarons from Laduree

5. View from the 86th floor of Empire State Building

6. The Big Piano at FAO Schwarz

7. Times Square

8. Vanderbilt Avenue entrance at Grand Central

  1. Statue of Liberty - We wanted to see the Statue, but we didn't want to actually go to Ellis Island. No worries though: our concierge at the hotel told us we could get amazing views from the Staten Island Ferry. We took the subway from our hotel to the area. It was filled with dozens of other tourists doing the same exact thing, but hey, it was still cool being able to see the statue and skyline. And did I mention? Free!
  2. Grand Central Terminal - I know I mentioned this in Part I, but it truly was one of my favorite spots! The architecture is so beautiful in person. There are lots of NY based restaurants in the food court, as well as some shops and a farmer's market area. We spent a lot of time here during down time, and for meals.
  3. "30 Rock" Rockefeller Center - 30 Rock is one of my favorite shows, so when we stumbled upon the actual building while walking down 5th ave, I got really excited. We even went on the NBC Studio Tour. It was only an hour long though, and it felt kind of rushed and left a lot to be desired. I did like that we got to visit the Saturday Night Live set though--it's extremely hard just to get tickets to see a taping! Apparently, you have about the same chances at getting into Harvard.
  4. Laduree - Pastel perfection. I love rose flavored macarons, and theirs is just dreamy! The lemon and raspberry were yummy too. I also picked up a milk chocolate bar, which was delicious too. The interior is basically my ideal color palette for life. 
  5. Empire State Building - My dad's pick. We went all the way up to the 86th floor. It was kind of cloudy, but we could still make out the skyline and buildings. Such a great view! And then it rained. This was taken right before we got soaked (you should've seen us sprinting to the hotel, which was at least a dozen blocks away). 
  6. FAO Schwarz - Like everything else in New York, there was a line for this too. It moves fast though. Yes, it's mostly children, but who cares. There were lots of adults in line as well, so I didn't feel too foolish. You get less than a minute--if I remember correctly--so bust out your moves and a camera as swiftly as you can. Unfortunately, I don't remember much from my piano days, but dancing on the keys is just as fun.
  7. Times Square - I didn't care too much for Times Square! Too many people and those creepy bootleg characters. But there is a really big Forever 21. And the lights are pretty. Yay?
  8. Vanderbilt Ave. Entrance at Grand Central Terminal - Look familiar? It's what the background for the set used in the openings on Saturday Night Live is based on. I just thought that was cool.

Honorable mention: Head to Century 21 for tons of designer/contemporary goods for cheap. We didn't have enough time to check out the accessories (agh!), but I did get a few tops at over 75% off--one of them was See by Chloe! It's like TJMaxx/Marshalls. On steroids. It's messy, you have to hunt for the good stuff, and the line for the dressing room is long, but it's worth it.

Playing tourist is fun. We saw so much in just a week, and I'm happy I got to see everything on my personal list. I can't wait to return to The Big Apple, hopefully during late fall or winter--I'd love to experience a real east coast fall and winter! I never get that where I live.

Don't forget to catch up on Part I!
Where would you like to go on a trip next?

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