Photo Diary: Adventures in New York City - Part I

1. Tabletop design at Grand Central Terminal

New York City is one of those places that you either love or hate.
I'm happy to report that I loved it!

Last month, I went with my parents to Chicago for a few days for my sister's grad school graduation (congrats, Tritia!), and then we headed on over to New York for a week. Luckily, we had just missed the huge heat wave and it was perfect!

We're not the best at planning things (what itinerary?) and tend to make decisions based on how we feel for the day, but we did visit all the typical touristy spots (and then some!). Sure, there's tons of people and a line for anything you want to take a picture with, but it's worth it. We went during a busy season, but it wasn't even that bad. And food was cheaper than I expected. There's just so much to do and see--I definitely need to go back someday and explore (and eat) a little more.

Part I includes a bunch of photos from Central Park (Alice in Wonderland statue, Strawberry Fields, etc.) and The Met! Also, some cheesecake.

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2. The Roosevelt Hotel

3. Strawberry Fields

4. The Conservatory Boat Pond

5. Alice in Wonderland Statue

6. The 'Friends' fountain

7. The Met steps

8. Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake from Junior's

  1. Grand Central Terminal - The tabletop design in the food court is pretty amazing. It features all these little tokens, tickets, and maps from old NYC public transport!
  2. The Roosevelt Hotel - We stayed here (located in midtown) and it was absolutely gorgeous! It has a very 1920's glitz and glamour feel to it (it was built in 1924!). Best part: it was walking distance from all the popular spots! No free wi-fi (boo), but Cosi Cafe across the street has some (and inexpensive/yummy croissant sandwiches too--we ate there at least three times).
  3. Strawberry Fields - We walked all the way to Central Park from the hotel--not so bad, but we didn't realize how big the park was! We only made it halfway. This was the first stop. My dad is a HUGE Beatles fan and has always wanted to see it. There were other Beatles fans hanging out around there. Some were singing songs. It was weird.
  4. Conservatory Boat Pond - Stumbled upon this on the way to see Alice. I had seen it on TV and in movies--it's just a cute little area with lots of little boats.
  5. Alice in Wonderland Statue - Second major stop in the park. It was a lot bigger than I expected! It's one of my favorite books so this was a pretty big deal for me.
  6. The 'Friends' Fountain - I don't even know what this is called, but we overheard some guy talking about it: if you've ever seen the show Friends, it may look a little familiar. They filmed the intro (where they're all dancing around a fountain) in LA, but that fountain is actually based on this one in Central Park! Cool, huh? 
  7. The Met - After wandering around Central Park for a really long time, we headed on over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I really wanted to visit at least one art museum, and this is one of the major ones in the city. We spent the rest of the day here. I enjoyed the contemporary art section (a little small, but they have another museum which focuses on that--I'll have to visit it next time!), as well as the section with the impressionist/master artist paintings the most. Our feet hurt so bad from walking around all day, so we rested for a little bit on the steps. And then I had my Blair Waldorf moment. 
  8. Junior's Cheesecake (Grand Central) - I couldn't be in New York and not try some cheesecake. The crust has more of a cake-like consistency than typical graham cracker crusts, but it tastes amazing! I got raspberry swirl, but I did try some of my mom's blueberry (and that was delicious too). Definitely a must-try if you're a cheesecake enthusiast.
Honorable mentions: The Bethesda Fountain and random literary/historical figure statues around the park (Shakespeare!).

Hope you enjoyed Part I! I'll be posting the rest in Part II (dancing on a piano, macarons, Statue of Liberty).
Have you been to New York City? Let me know what your favorite spots are!