Diamond Candles: Ring Reveal + Giveaway!

Diamond Candles: Ring Reveal, Review & Giveaway

I had seen the ads for Diamond Candles on Facebook and was mildly extremely intrigued. I mean...a diamond ring? In a candle? I could find a diamond ring in a candle. After checking out the rings others had found in theirs (yes, people do get *real* diamonds every now and then!), I was a believer. I wanted one. So you can imagine how happy I was when Diamond Candles contacted me for a review!

And yes, they're even going to give you one. Yay!

Read after the jump to see if I got lucky and found a diamond ring in mine, then enter to win your own Diamond Candle!

Here's the gist: inside each natural soy Diamond Candle is a ring worth $10, $100, $500, $1,000, or $5,000 (!). Exciting right? A lot of people liken it to Cracker Jacks ("It's like Cracker Jacks for adults!") but I think it's more like getting a Wonka bar and praying you get that Golden Ticket. If you don't get the Golden Ticket, that's okay because at least you get some good chocolate (or in this case, a cute $10 ring), and if you do get the Golden Ticket (or a real ring worth $$$), then, well, you're dang lucky. The prizes inside Cracker Jack boxes are never that good.

Okay, now onto the candle.

I usually go for fruity and/or floral scents. It was hard to choose because they have a pretty wide selection, but I settled on Lavender Lemon. The candle itself is on the large side, which is awesome. You can tell that it'll burn for a very long time. As for the scent--I LOVE the Lavender Lemon. The lemon is stronger than the lavender, but it smells really clean and fresh.

When you get the candle, you can tell where the ring is placed because there's a tiny gold foil circle on the side of the container that it's attached to (it's wrapped in a plastic bag inside a piece of foil). Thankfully, it's situated towards the top. If they had placed it all the way at the bottom, I would've been mad because I'm too impatient for that, and waiting for this was hard enough. It took me about three days to get to it. When I saw that little gold foil peeking out of the melted wax, I blew out that candle and immediately grabbed it with my tweezers (tip: wipe the foil and bag down with a napkin--the melted wax is greasy and it'll make it easier to open the bag).

And then...
Diamond Candle Ring
Gorgeous, right?
Unfortunately, it wasn't stamped inside (aww), so it's not real. Sure is pretty though!

And you know what? I still want to buy another one. Because you never know--you might just get that diamond ring. If you don't, you have an awesome candle that smells really good and a cute piece of costume jewelry (or if you're deeply unhappy with the ring, I've heard there's a swap group on Facebook. You can't lose).

Lavender Lemon Candle & Ring (c/o Diamond Candles)

Want one too? Enter to win your own Diamond Candle via the Rafflecopter widget below. It's super easy. You have until the end of the month. Good luck!

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