Photo Diary: Birthday Cheesecake & Things With Bows

My 25th birthday!

Silver bow pave bangle (My Flat in London)

Gray leather bow clutch (My Flat in London

Blended mimosa

Chicken Bellagio

Mini birthday sundae in a champagne glass

Dulce de leche cheesecake

Me and my friends

Here are some photos from my 25th birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago. My parents got me a couple of really pretty things from one of my favorite labels, My Flat in London (the silver bow bangle and gray leather clutch above), which was really nice of them! They know me and my style so well. Later on in the evening, I celebrated my birthday with a few of my closest friends at The Cheesecake Factory. We had drinks, lots of food, and of course, cheesecake! It was really fun just catching up and indulging in pasta and sweets. Although, I was a little disappointed with the teeny tiny sundae thing (they used to give you a whole slice of plain cheesecake for birthdays. Dang), but oh well. I ended up bringing home a whole dulce de leche cheesecake anyway (and it was DELICIOUS). I was so happy my friends were able to celebrate with me!

I'll be posting my birthday outfit soon.

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