Photo Diary: Ladies Who Brunch

Victorian tea sandwiches, scones, and petit fours on tiered plates at The Tea Gardens

Me and Mom
Mini baguette and heart-shaped sandwich, scone
Teacup and saucer
The dessert plate
Mother's Day card, made by me
My sister, my aunt, Grandma, Mom, and me

Just wanted to share some photos from the Mother's Day brunch last week. My sister actually flew in from Chicago and surprised everyone! We don't usually do anything big for the day, but thought it'd be nice to treat our mom, grandma, and aunt for brunch at my favorite place to eat, The Tea Gardens. In a suburban city filled with restaurant chains and fast food joints, it really is a refreshing break from the typical eats. Plus, they have the best and freshest sandwiches and teas I've ever had!

We went with a mango iced tea--perfect for such a hot day (and bottomless for the brunch, too)! For Mother's Day, they were serving traditional Victorian style tea selections, with a wonderful variety of tasty scones, tiny sandwiches (cucumber, baguettes, egg), and decadent desserts (chocolates, cheesecakes, petit fours) all served on the cutest tiered plates. I made sure to sample one of every sandwich, but hardly had room for dessert. Sure, all the food is tiny, but if you make a point to try everything like I did, you get filled up pretty fast. I'm happy that the ladies in my family enjoyed it as much as I did. It'll make for a lovely new tradition!

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