Photo Diary: Cicada Club

The Cicada Club 

Cicada Club bar
Bar menu

Elizabeth and her drink

Our drinks (I don't remember what I had, but it had absinthe in it and was really strong. Good though!)

Elizabeth in her flapper dress from Unique Vintage

People on the dance floor

Me in my flapper-inspired outfit, doing a poor imitation of a 1920's dance move

I went to the Cicada Club in downtown LA with my co-worker earlier last month. It's a gorgeous 1920's themed club and restaurant set in a building from the actual era (it still has all the original architecture, including the elevator). They had live jazz music, fancy cocktails, and regulars who looked like movie extras from a silent film. They have swing music/events as well, so lots of visitors dress up in outfits inspired by the 20's-60's. I was geeking out because the 1920's is one of my favorite decades and I really enjoyed learning about the history and fashion in school. 

If only we knew how to dance the Charleston. I suppose I'll have to watch some videos on YouTube and learn a few moves.

I had a lot of fun and I definitely want to visit again. Photos of my flapper-inspired outfit will be posted next!

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