Polish Post: Stamped Halloween & Candy Corn Colored Nails

Gray and Black Stamped Halloween Nails

Halloween is my most favorite holiday, and I wanted to do something different than last year's Creepy Spider Web Nails (although, I really loved how those turned out). Skulls and tiny Frankenstein monster heads looked a little too difficult and time consuming, so I opted for nail stamping and candy corn colored stripes instead.

Gray and Black Stamped Halloween Nails

For the stamped nails, I used three coats of a pale gray (Pirates of the Carribbean x OPI's "Skulls & Glossbones" --it's pretty streaky) and a cheap black polish for the stamping. The stamping plates I used are from a generic set I got on eBay, but you can use any Halloween-themed ones you like (they have inexpensive sets on Amazon with a wonderful variety of images). I went with a witch on a broomstick, bats, a spiderweb (the hardest to transfer;so many fine details), and stripes. Seal with a topcoat (Seche Vite is my favorite).

"Skull & Glossbones" (Pirates of the Carribbean x OPI) | Black nail polish (Santee)

Candy Corn Colored Nails

Last week, I wanted to do something easy but still in the spirit of Halloween, so I did candy corn colored stripes. They're not the most accurate (umm...my colors are all mixed up), but it's because I thought it'd be easiest if I painted the stripes from the lightest (white) to the darkest (orange). Nobody noticed anyway.

Paint two coats of white (or three, if your polish is streaky like mine), then two thin coats of yellow starting about three-forths down the nail. With the orange polish, paint horizontal stripes across the tips. They don't have to perfect; people will associate them with cute candy corns anyway (promise!).

134 French White Tip (NYC) | "Boozy Brunch" (L'Oreal) | Yellow nail polish (Love & Beauty)

What's on your nails right now?