Instagram Photo Diary: End of Summer '12

Left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Bought Kate Spade's Supercalifragilipstick lipstick in "Parisian Pink"
  2. Aren't the pink dressing rooms at my new job super cute?
  3. Got petit fours for me and Mom, since she got us lunch
  4. Lunch with Mom at The Tea Gardens in Valencia (my favorite restaurant!)
  5. Made some baked macaroni and cheese with gruyere and cheddar cheeses, and sundried tomatoes
  6. Bojangles, being cute
  7. Neon Peter Pan lace collar top from Lily White Clothing
  8. Surprise goodies from Pink and Pepper
  9. End of Route 66 in Santa Monica
  10. Bunting triangle necklace; a gift from Gracie

Here are a few Instagram photos I captured during the end of summer. Follow me @sweetsandhearts.

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