Polish Post: Vegas Nails - Metallic Gold with Rainbow Glitter Gradient

Las Vegas Nails: Metallic Gold Foil and Rainbow Glitter Gradient Manicure

I've been doing a lot of glitter gradients lately because...

  1. It's easy to do but looks complex.
  2. It's pretty.

Before I left for MAGIC, I wanted my nails to look a little more festive (I mean, I was going Vegas--I wanted my nails to look the part), so I went with a funky metallic gold foil polish and rainbow glitter gradient.

Las Vegas Nails: Metallic Gold Foil and Rainbow Glitter Gradient Manicure

Simply paint two coats of a metallic gold shimmer foil shade (I used Color Club's "Disco Nap" 5155; received in the Gossip Girl Birchbox for May; I can't find it anywhere online, but here's a similar metallic gold polish by Pop Beauty). Use a rainbow glitter polish (I used O.P.I.'s "Rainbow Connection" from the Muppet collection; limited edition and unavailable, but here's a very similar one by OPI's sister company, Nicole by OPI) for the gradient. 

To get the glitter gradient, paint a thick strip of glitter at the tip of the nail. Working quickly while the polish is still wet, immediately use quick downward strokes to pull the glitter towards the cuticle. The effect should be a gradual glitter gradient, fading towards the center of the nail. Touch up any spare areas and seal with a clear top coat.

"Disco Nap" 5155 (Color Club c/o Birchbox x Gossip Girl // similar) | "Rainbow Connection" (O.P.I. // similar)

As you can see, I was inspired by the glitzy and colorful Las Vegas.
What inspired your current manicure?

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