In love with Lavand

Outfit Details: Navy printed off-the-shoulder stripe blouse and red paperbag waist trouser pants (borrowed from Lavand) | Black suede "Ampersand" pumps (Seychelles)

Outfit Details: White pleated colorful fruit print dress (borrowed from Lavand) | Black suede "Ampersand" pumps (Seychelles)
Photography by Kelsi Smith

The photos above are from a mini shoot I did as a MAGIC influencer, with pieces borrowed from Lavand. I didn't include Lavand in my last post because I figured I was going to gush about it when I posted these anyway (sigh. So obsessed with those red pants).

Lavand's booth at MAGIC was one of the more inviting ones I visited. It was spacious and open, with a natural, rustic, laidback vibe (I hate that I didn't get a photo of the whole display--I was apparently too distracted by all the pretty clothes). I noticed the variety of prints and colors right away, and when I looked closer, was enamored by the details and diversity. The reps were really friendly when I talked to them too. 

One of them told me the meaning behind the word lavand (it's a shame we don't have an English equivalent). A lavand is an unequivocally beautiful, mysterious woman whom everybody wants or wants to know. Learning about the label's backstory and inspirations was my favorite part.

Lavand's designs are feminine, breezy, and fresh. What really sets the Spain-based label apart from the others is that it not only draws its inspirations from around the world, it's actually broken up into mini collections that directly reference different regions--Asia, Central America, Europe, to name a few. I loved the concept, and the result is a collection that is both diverse and original.

Lavand at MAGIC // August 2012

Lavand at MAGIC // August 2012

Joellen and I at Lavand //MAGIC August 2012

Lavand was my absolute favorite MAGIC discovery.
I'm looking forward to Lavand's future collections.

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