Road to MAGIC // Part One - Bloggers Meet MAGIC

Our blogger MAGIC orientation

Hey everyone!

It feels so good to back home. Las Vegas is awesome and all, but kind of (and by "kind of", I mean "really") exhausting when you're there for 6 days. For those who followed along on the official blog, Instagram, and Twitter, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I was up to.

So what is MAGIC anyway?
It's a huge convention that takes place twice a year in Las Vegas, where fashion professionals gather to see next season's collections, attend meetings and informative seminars, and network. The main players are the brand reps and buyers from retailers--tons of fashion, shoe, and accessory designers, big and small, have their own booths, and buyers can see pieces from their most recent and/or next season's collections in person and place orders for their stores. It looks like a giant, well-lit and extremely professional flea market, but you can't actually buy anything off the floor (they're just samples! aww).

Me and the 29 other MAGIC bloggers were invited to cover the convention, where we held social media panels and discussions, met with designers, and networked with brands and other bloggers.

I had the most amazing time, discovering new brands and meeting new people (and yes, I managed to squeeze in some parties and shopping).

I'll be sharing photos and details from the trip this week!

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