Instagram Photo Diary: Late July - Early August 2012

Left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Big 'ol jar of Nutella
  2. Freshly groomed Bojangles
  3. Huge sunglasses (Sabre's "Acid Aloha") and tassel earrings c/o Melissa Velia
  4. Bangles
  5. Pastel animal circle lens cases
  6. Macaron au chocolat from Trader Joe's
  7. Avocado macaroni and cheese (made by me; recipe here)
  8. Essie Luxe Effects in "Stroke of Brilliance" from Klout perks
  9. Printed photos and letter from my friend Yan
  10. On the road with the best friend in Tehatchapi
Here are some photos from earlier this month.

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Hope you're enjoying your week so far!

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