Photo Diary: Lemonade with LA Fashion Snob

Lemonade in Pasadena

Truffle macaroni and cheese,  pasta, and broccoli

Lemonade's colorful cafeteria-style selections

Blood orange lemonade

Lemonade Pasadena

A peek of Heather's outfit

A peek of my outfit

My blogger friend, Heather of LA Fashion Snob, recently moved to Texas for a change of scenery and to fulfill her dream of opening up her very own vintage store! We used to hang out at LA blogger events, so it's going to be sad not to see her around anymore.

We had lunch at Lemonade in Pasadena before she left last month, and it was so good. I've only had the lemonades before (which are super sweet and tart and perfect--especially for a lemonade fiend like me), but the food was spectacular as well. It's cafeteria style gourmet food, and they have lots of fresh vegetables, salads, and pastas to pick from. I got the truffle mac and cheese, a dill pasta, and broccoli dish (they're a lot more complex/exotic than I made them sound--I just can't remember exactly what I ordered). I can't wait to go back! I wish I lived closer to one.

Be sure to check out Heather's fashion blog to see what she'll be up to next! LA will miss you, Heather!
Outfit post coming up.

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