Beauty Blurb: DuWop, Paul & Joe, and Isadora Lipsticks

Perfect Moisture Lipstick in 142 "Poppy Coral" (Isadora) | Beaute Lipstick in 26 "Voila" (Paul & Joe) | Lipstick in "Private Red" (DuWop)

One of my newest sponsors, Skin Care Rx, recently gave me a gift certificate to use at any of their online stores. Since I've been going through a lipstick phase, I took the opportunity to try out new brands that were harder to find at Ulta, Sephora, and drugstores. I love that Apothica has more international and obscure brands in addition to popular/everyday ones. It was my first time ordering from them, and they had a huge range of products (and my items shipped fast!).

On to the swatches and reviews...

Swatches: Perfect Moisture Lipstick in 142 "Poppy Coral" (Isadora) | Beaute Lipstick in 26 "Voila" (Paul & Joe) | Lipstick in "Private Red" (DuWop)

Perfect Moisture Lipstick in 142 "Poppy Coral" (Isadora)

Isadora is beauty brand based in Sweden. For being an import, the prices aren't so bad (about $14 USD for a lipstick). I got the Perfect Moisture Lipstick in 142 "Poppy Coral". The color is a nice golden coral that's more orange than pink, with a hint of shimmer. It's pretty opaque, has long staying power, and the color is true to the tube. I like this orange shade a lot, but didn't realize it had a shimmer finish until I opened the tube. It's not so bad--I just would've preferred a matte/satin finish. Lipstick glides on easily, but feels a little dry after a while. All in all, it's a great lipstick and comes in lots of colors! I really want to try it in "Coral Glow" and "Tropical Pink", but I can't seem to find them anywhere! Gah.

Beaute Lipstick in 26 "Voila" (Paul & Joe)

I may have picked this mostly because of the packaging. I love Paul & Joe as a designer, and was able to snatch a few pieces when they had their Target line a few years ago. I'd been stalking their beauty products for a while, and after reading about them on some beauty blogs, I gave in and got the Beaute Lipstick in 26 "Voila" (I also got a nail polish, which I will blog about in my next Polish Post"). When I opened this, I gasped because the shade is just so pretty in the tube. It's described as a "bright, cherry pink", but is more of a rich violet pink. When I put it on, it came out a lot paler than I thought it would, and is a little too sheer for my taste. I wish it was more opaque and a little darker. On the bright side, the formula is really nice. The lipstick glides on very well, is creamy and feels light on the lips, has a nice sheen, and doesn't bleed or make my lips "mushy" over time. I'll have to try it in a different shade next time if I find it on sale or something, but it is nice for layering over other lipsticks (like the DuWop one below!).

Lipstick in "Private Red" (DuWop)

Hands down, my favorite out of the bunch. After tirelessly searching for the perfect red lipstick, I found it! This is the Holy Grail red lipstick. Promise. This unique formula from DuWop claims to adjust to your skintone to create the perfect shade of red. I was curious about this whole thing and saw a few swatches on beauty blogs--it did look nice on everyone. What I noticed first was that the tube itself feels weighty and expensive, so I liked that. It's a nice, rich, true red. When I put it on, it was super moisturizing, non-sticky, very pigmented, and also had a nice scent (very light--like berries). It also has wonderful staying power (lasted the whole day with little fading), and I was able to create very clean lines without lipliner. Non-drying, no mushy lips, no bleeding. It's a little pricier (around $22), but totally worth it. I LOVE this lipstick and highly recommend it. Plus, I asked my mom and best friend to try it as well, and it looked great on both of them (they both have lighter skintones). They have other shades which I'd like to try, but they're harder to find.

I'm going to review more beauty products and things as I try them. I've noticed that I'll do a lot of research on products that I'm interested in, but it's hard to find swatches for a lot of them. I hope these help you in your similar beauty quests.

Don't forget to check out Apothica!

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