The Prettiest Printed Bikinis Under $55 - Summer 2012

This post is underwritten by Old Navy. Whether you're looking for a tankini, bikini, or a one piece, Old Navy has you confidently covered at a great price.

  1. Red Gingham Bikini (Old Navy; under $40 USD for the set)
  2. Ruffle Floral Bikini (Delia's; top and bottom on sale for $24.50 USD each)
  3. Yellow Polka-dot Bikini (Delia's; top and bottom on sale for $24.50 USD each)
  4. Bright Nite Plaid Bandeau Bikini (Old Navy; under $30 USD for the set)
  5. Hurley Birds of a Feather Bikini (Tilly's; top on sale for $29.97 USD, bottom on sale for $24.97 USD)
  6. Green Stripe Frill Bikini (TopShop; top $28 USD, bottom $24 USD)

Solid colored bikinis are great to mix and match, but I love how a print can really transform the swimsuit into something that really speaks about your personal style. It's all in the little details. For this swimwear post, I scoured the internet for the brightest, prettiest, printed bikinis and put them together for you guys, because I know a lot of you also love fun prints and bright colors like I do (plaid and floral, anyone?).

And the best part? All of these are under $55 USD

My personal bikini crushes are the red gingham and yellow polka-dot bikinis. They're youthful, flirty, and a little retro--one of my favorite combinations. I love that the red gingham one has a skirted bottom--it's very Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island (who I liked better than Ginger anyway). The reason I like the yellow polka-dot bikini is...honestly, it reminds me of that one song, which just so happened to be a karaoke staple at our family parties from my childhood days. 

I also found colorful floral, school-girl plaid, whimsical birds, and green stripe prints, so you're bound to find a new bikini crush as well. 

Which one is your favorite?

Thank you again to Old Navy for sponsoring my post. I was compensated for this post as a member of Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all my own.


lorenabr said...

Cool designs :)

The Funky Fashionista said...

I really like the yellow polka-dot bikini, but all of these are really cute!

Luna Tiger said...

Lovely ! The 3 on the top are my favorites !

Magdalena said...

Love them ♥

Kaitlyn Yoo said...

wooo~~ some cute bikinis there!
I love the red one and stripe one :)
time to go to beach! hehe

Pinkbow Icecream

Gracie said...

I love the yellow polka dot bikini. If it was summer here I would be buying that. I really love pretty prints for swimwear.

P.S. You should visit the bookfest you mentioned at UCLA. It's bound to be great.

P.P.S I can't wait to meet up (and shop) with you. x

livefreeandfashionable said...

Ooo! I love the striped one! I may just have to get my hands on that!!