Polish Post: Pastel Watermelon Nails

Pastel Watermelon Nails

Back when I first started the blog and was dabbling in nail art, one of the first nail art designs I experimented with was watermelon nails (but not very well done). I haven't done it since--mostly because it was a little time-consuming and I was not as nimble when handling tiny nail brushes--but after being surrounded by all the pretty pastels this spring, it was definitely time to re-visit them--but with a twist. So I went with...

A pastel watermelon manicure!
Brilliant, yes?

It combines mint green and peachy pink--two of the It Colors for Spring 2012, and is automatically cute because, well, it's fruit. On your nails.

Pastel Watermelon Nails
Pastel Watermelon Nails

It's basically a french manicure with a few strategically placed black dashes. I added a white stripe to mine for the "rind".

How to: Paint two coats of a pastel pink, red, or coral shade (I'm using Skin Food's Milk Creamy Nail in shade No. 5). Let dry. Paint a mint green (I'm using China Glaze's "For Audrey") French stripe across your nail (I free-handed it by starting at one end of the nail, and carefully dragging the brush across the nail in a steady, straight line, trying to keep the width consistent. Takes practice, but it's definitely doable!). After that's dry, use a white nail art polish (with the skinny brush) and paint a line between the pink and green for the "rind". Then use a black nail art polish to make tiny dashes, representing the seeds. To keep it looking clean, only dot 3-4 seeds on each nail, and keep it close to the tip. Once everything is dry, seal with a topcoat.

Milk Creamy Nail in No. 5 (Skin Food) | "For Audrey" (China Glaze) | Art Deco Nail Art in White (L.A. Colors) | Art Deco Nail Art in Black (L.A. Colors)

This has been my favorite DIY manicure so far!
It takes some patience and steady hands, but the result is worth it.

Other variations would be really fun too--maybe glitter watermelons? Neon? Metallic?

How do you like the watermelon nails? Let me know if you try it!
And also: what's on your nails right now?

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