Photo Diary: Yan, Yang and me at the Americana

Me, sitting outside of Crumbs

Early evening at the Americana at Brand

Yan's outfit details

Pacific Theatres at the Americana

Me in my Sabra "Acid Aloha" sunnies


Nighttime at the Americana

Iced Tea by the fire pit at Frida

Yang, Yan, and me

Remember my friend Yan that was visiting? Well, right before she left, our friend Yang and I took her out a couple of weeks ago to the Americana in Glendale, one of our favorite haunts (it has a really big Forever 21 and H&M, among other stores). We did a little wandering, some shopping, and ended the night with dinner at Frida, a nice Mexican restaurant (with really good quesadillas and amazing salsa). Yang even told the waiter it was my birthday (it wasn't, but she does that sometimes to freak us out and we never see it coming!) and we were surprised with a delicious miniature flan (I love Mexican flan).

It always sucks saying goodbye, but it's fun to just hang out with your friends and have a good time. Yan hopped back on a plane to Hong Kong next day (even though we told her to just stay in LA for forever. We almost convinced her). I'm hoping I'll be able to visit her this year or next, once I save up enough money.

Outfit post coming soon (as well as my 600 follower giveaway).

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