Instagram Photo Diary: June 2012

Left to right, top to bottom
  1. Pink and Pepper Aztec "Leilla" pumps
  2. My dirty pink suitcase (it's "well-traveled" okay?)
  3. Pizza and calamari from Gino's East (Chicago, IL)
  4. Lilac and peach flower balls from Akira's window display inside the Water Tower mall (Chicago)
  5. My sister's abandoned whiteboard-turned-editorial calendar for my blogging/freelance posts
  6. Painted doors at an elementary school (Lake View East, Chicago)
  7. Fabric ribbons in front of the same school (It was the first elementary school to walk Pride!). Each ribbon represents a student's dedication to make the world a better place.

A selection of Instagram photos from the past few weeks. Follow me on Instagram @sweetsandhearts.

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