Beauty Blurb: Candy Magic Barbie Circle Lens in Candy Doll Gray

Candy Magic Barbie Circle Lens in Candy Doll Gray c/o Shoppingholics

I've wondered what I'd look like with different eye colors, and with all the options for lenses these days, you can try them in just about any color imaginable--even anime-inspired, unconventional colors (pink or red, anyone?), and patterned lenses (flower and Hello Kitty designs exist)! I didn't realize it was such a big thing in Asia, and a lot of girls treat them like just another accessory. When I read up on beauty bloggers experiences, it seemed pretty cool. So when Shoppingholics contacted me about the possibility of a review, I accepted.

I was ready for something new and different.

Note: I'm a total newbie and have never tried contacts before! I read all the articles on Shoppingholics regarding lens care and opening the little glass vials (which required more muscle than I anticipated. Man, those were hard to open) and asked for tips on Instagram and Facebook (thanks, everyone!). Getting these in the first time was probably one of the most terrifying experiences ever. I thought it'd be easier. When the time came to put them in, I realized why everyone freaks out the first time.

Sticking something in your eye is unnatural. And scary.

But I got them in. After a few minutes of shaky hands and a super teary right eye, they were in. They got more comfortable after I let them sit for a while, and by then, it wasn't so bad. So I put makeup on like usual and went on with the rest of my day.

On to the review...

Candy Magic Barbie Circle Lens in Candy Doll Gray c/o Shoppingholics

Product: Candy Magic Barbie King Size Circle Gray / Candy Doll Gray
Vendor: Shoppingholics, for $22.90 USD
Specs: Origin: Korea | Diameter: 14.5mm | Water content: 38% | Base curve: 8.6mm) | Life span: 1 year disposal
Extras: Shoppingholics includes a free cute animal-shaped lens case with each pair. Lenses are packaged in nicely decorated boxes.

Natural eye color: Dark brown

Color: I chose these specifically because the gray wasn't too light, or "ghostly". Some of the others seemed to blend in with the white of the eyeball, and that looked a little scary to me. But then again, this did too (or maybe I'm just not used to them yet?).  The color is nice and not pixelated. I liked that it doesn't look too obvious, since it has the contrast from the black outline. The enlargement effect freaked out my mom though--I felt like it made me look like a (perpetually startled) child, but then again, it's supposed to make your eyes look huge anyway, so that definitely worked.

Comfort: As far as comfort goes, I have nothing to compare them to, but they seemed to be pretty comfortable. After I got used to having them in my eyes, I didn't have any problems. However, after a couple of hours, the right one shifted somehow and I accidentally blinked it out. I'd have worn them longer if it weren't for that little mishap.

(and if I thought putting them in was scary, removing them is a whole other kind of scary)

Additional photos:
Candy Magic Barbie Circle Lens in Candy Doll Gray, close-up

Candy Magic Barbie Circle Lens in Candy Doll Gray, natural light

Candy Magic Barbie Circle Lens in Candy Doll Gray, with camera flash

For all you circle lens enthusiasts (or for those who'd like to give them a try): Shoppingholics is offering a $2 USD discount with code 1000161850 at checkout.

Have you tried colored circle lenses? I want to hear about your experiences.
Tips and recommendations are totally welcome (and appreciated!).

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