Sretsis x Summer Camp: SUPERSWEET Live! 2012

Sretsis x Summer Camp 2012

My favorite dream designer Sretsis teamed up with the London-based boy-girl duo Summer Camp this month for SUPERSWEET Live!, a music festival in Bangkok. Sretsis' youthful, quirky designs complemented the easygoing, laidback musical stylings of alternative rock band Summer Camp (which I listened to on Amazon just now, and ended up really liking).

Sretsis designed exclusive apparel and accessories for the band, including friendship bracelets, scarves, and shorts, which will be available in their stores soon. Everything is super cute as usual, and looks like the stuff you wish you had worn at summer camp--whimsical and charming, but still casual.

SUPERSWEET Live! Video: 

I wish I could go to Thailand so I could get my hands on a few things! Those striped high-waisted shorts need to be in my closet.

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