Food Adventures: Chicken Crostina

Chicken Crostina 

Okay, so the chicken crostina isn't supposed to be exactly as pictured--I put a little bit of the caprese salad we made on top for some color.

I found the recipe for chicken crostina on Olive Garden's website, of all things. It's a potato-crusted chicken breast with pasta, in a wine and cream sauce. It wasn't too hard, although I made a few blunders (burnt the garlic for the sauce, burnt the chicken crust a little when it was in the broiler), but oh well, it still came out surprisingly tasty. I also didn't like the wine I put in the sauce--some cheap moscato that came in a single-serve bottle. Maybe next time I'll try a wine that tastes better. I was too lazy to add potatoes to the crust (which, essentially, is the "crostina" in the recipe, I think), but it worked fine without it! Promise.

Happy food-ogling.
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