Review: Blue Print Cleanse

Renovation Cleanse by Blue Print Cleanse

I'm a foodie, but I'm also kind of a picky eater, so why I decided to get in on this whole juice cleanse craze in the first place is beyond me.

But I was curious...mostly skeptical, but curious all the same.

Everyone in LA seems to be doing some sort of cleanse lately, whether it's for the weight loss, detox effects, or just in an attempt to be healthier. I received a voucher in my gift bag from the Rent the Runway Pop-Up Shop to try it for one day, so I figured, why not? It's supposed to be good for you, right?

Blue Print Cleanse is all about raw, fresh, natural ingredients--it's so fresh, that you have to consume the juices within three days of receiving them. First, let me talk about the customer service: amazing. I had to reschedule the delivery date the day before I was originally supposed to receive it, but they fixed it no problem. Right away. And when they found out that I was outside of the delivery zone in LA, they overnighted it to me through FedEx, so I could still receive it on the day I rescheduled it for, which was very thoughtful of them.

They also send you e-mails to help prepare you for the cleanse--very wordy e-mails, which I skimmed over (probably not the smartest thing, but I'm impatient).  There were so many restrictions/advice/warnings in the e-mails, that it made the cleanse seem so serious, and ultimately, kind of scary, even though it was written in a friendly, upbeat tone.

That was when I started to worry. But hey, if I can go without shopping for thirty days, surely I can go without food for a day and survive solely on juice...right?

But anyway, read after the jump to learn more about the juices, and my progress throughout the day!

I went with the Renovation Cleanse (for beginners). It's six juices (in place of meals) for one day, and you're supposed to drink them in the order they're labeled to ensure that the nutrients are digested and absorbed properly.

1. Green Juice
  • Ingredients: Romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, lemon
  • Tastes like... salad. Reminded me of the little salads they serve you at Korean BBQs. 
  • Thoughts: Took me almost two hours to down it. It's not bad...just not something I'd want to drink all the time. Okay, it's a little weird, but then again, I'm not a green-juice-type-of-gal.
2. Gold Juice
  • Ingredients: Pineapple, apple, mint
  • Tastes like... exactly what it says. Really sweet. This one reminded me of the mint lemonade they have at, well, Lemonade (which I love).
  • Thoughts: My favorite of all the juices (too bad it was only the second one)! I could drink this all the time. It's yummy.
3. Green Juice
  • The same juice from #1
  • Thoughts: Nooooo. Not again. Like I said, it's not bad, but it's just not really good either. I like my drinks super sweet though. I don't typically drink green smoothies/juices, unless it's green tea. I let Mom try it and she liked it--said it tasted like cucumber juice (but I've never been a big fan of cucumbers, so maybe that's why I wasn't as into it). When I was 90% done with this one, I stuck my tongue out at the mirror. It was green.
4. Spicy Lemonade
  • Ingredients: Lemon, cayenne, agave nectar
  • Tastes like... lemonade (yay!), with a kick. 
  • Thoughts: I happily drank this. It was one of the more "normal" flavors.
5. Red Juice
  • Ingredients: Apple, carrot, beet, lemon, ginger
  • Tastes like... the green juice a little, but not as bad. It's sweeter, and you can taste the ginger. 
  • Thoughts: This one was hard to finish too. The flavor isn't terrible, it's just not the best.
6. Cashew Milk
  • Ingredients: Cashew milk
  • Tastes like... the milk after you eat a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but not as sweet.
  • Thoughts:  Tastes okay, but something about the texture was weird--honestly, it turned my stomach a little (and I have a pretty strong stomach), even though it didn't taste bad at all.

Phew! I made it through the entire day, without cheating!

Final thoughts: I started out crabby during this--I was already missing eating solid food and getting started was the hardest part (especially with that green juice). I wish I had paced myself better--I drank the first three reeeeeally slowly, then rushed the last three because it was recommended that you finish them at least two hours before sleeping, and I was already behind. I did feel more energetic later on in the day though, compared to when I had started. Also, the cashew milk made me a little queasy, but I think that's because I was trying to drink it really fast (and the powdery texture was a bit of a turnoff). As far as ~digestive issues (which I was scared of), I didn't have any, but everybody is different.

Do I feel any different? Is my body any different?
Honestly, I can't tell, but I feel better about myself for being able to get through it and knowing that I consumed some super healthy things. It might've been different if I had done it for more than one day, but the one day cleanse didn't change me dramatically (not that I expected it to, really). It's worth a shot if you want to detox and try something new, but do some research first--just one day from Blue Print costs $65, so if you're looking to do it for several days or so, maybe experiment with making your own (unless, of course, you're totally fine with that, in which case, go for it!).

Have you tried a juice cleanse or anything similiar?
If you haven't, do you want to?
I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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Leah said...

Great review! I've always wanted to try a juice cleanse but they are so expensive and usually it's a multi day commitment. I want to know more about the rent the runway event! I love that site sooo much! I technically haven't ordered anything yet, but I can't wait to try them. Plus it's so fun to look at their gorgeous dresses!

Jillian said...

My sister did this cleanse to try for her wedding! She did it for i think 3 days and I'm pretty sure she felt all crabby for not eating. She lost a few pounds though, but I can never give up my salad for a cleanse!!


Jillian said...

My sister did this cleanse to try for her wedding! She did it for i think 3 days and I'm pretty sure she felt all crabby for not eating. She lost a few pounds though, but I can never give up my salad for a cleanse!!


The Key To Chic said...

Some of the juices sound really good. Since I workout often, I'd be worried about having enough energy throughout the day. I admire you for doing it, and I am tempted to do a DIY version with lots of fruits and veggies!

Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

I love cleanses! I'm in the process of writing my own!! I have never tried Blueprint's premade juices, but I have the book & have a masticating juicer, so I've tried the homemade versions. Green juice is my fav! Keep in mind if you ever decide to do a cleanse again in the future, you can nibble fresh fruit & veg in between juices if need be. It will not hurt the cleansing process at all!

Kaitlyn Yoo said...

great info!!
i was always curious about this cleansing drinks.
So this one is only one day one?
maybe that is good one to start since i am a BIG foodie and I am not a peaky at all hahahaha

Pinkbow Icecream

Tiffany Duong said...

Thanks for such a detailed review of the cleanse, Erica! I would totally just make the juice myself if I ever decide to do this. $65 is pretty pricey but I but buying the ingredients myself might be more cost efficient.