Song in my head

Outfit Details: Green bow sweater (Heritage/Forever 21) | White tie-neck blouse (Forever 21) | Black skinny jeans (Forever 21) | Black bow pumps (KensieGirl via Ross) | Black bowler hat (Forever 21)

Uhhh I didn't mean to dress head-to-toe in Forever 21 (minus the shoes). It's just too easy though. I can't even remember where I used to shop before Forever 21 expanded, showed up at every single mall, and took over all the department store spaces.

My blog's been going through a few cosmetic changes (a minor facelift, really). I can't help it if I get bored of the banners/graphics easily.

Oh, and who is going to see Hunger Games this weekend?! I want to--soooo terribly--but my schedule's kind of funky right now. I'd love to know what you think about it if you do end up seeing it! Books vs. movies are always difficult. It'll never be as good as it was in my head, but nevertheless, I'm still way excited.

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