Palm of your hand

Outfit Details: Ivory lace blouse (Ann Taylor; was my mom's) | Rust "Romana Dream" bow shorts (Audrey 3+1 via Ruche) | Straw hat (H&M) | Cream and blush "Joan" wedges (Seychelles via DSW) | Gold hot air balloon necklace (Forever 21)

Yay for warm, spring outfits! I can't get over my love for high-waisted shorts. I think they've ruined me for shorts/skirts that fall below the natural waist. And thanks to my mom for passing this blouse onto me. I like it when she gets bored of something in her closet and gives it to me--well, when it's something I'd wear. We have very different tastes, actually!

If you're curious about the lipstick I'm wearing, it's "Awake Till Sunrise" by Sula (got it at Ulta for $8, but they're on sale for $4). It's a red-orange shade. The formula is super opaque and creamy, and made with natural ingredients. It fades after a while though, but I still like it a lot. They have really good lipsticks (and they're cheap! $4!).

Also: I finally saw The Hunger Games.
LOVED it (except for the occasional inconsistency--but I understand, it couldn't be exactly like the book). I was tense the entire time, just anticipating the next scene. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, but I think it would've come off as a little cheesy if I hadn't read it. There's just so much more in the book--backstories, Katniss's thoughts, etc. And Peeta was a little goofy looking. But whatever, it was awesome.

I'd love to know your thoughts (no spoilers though, just in case other people read them!).

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Kayleigh said...

yay too! Spring weather is finally here! :D Its even sunny here in the UK.
I love this outfit,so soft and feminine,I absolutely love the colour pallet,creamy/pastels so romantic and feminine.
Those shoes are so gorgeous too.
Thanks so much for your very sweet comment too x
I hope you have a lovely weekend x

Shara said...

thanx for ur lovely words sweety:)love ur shorts great look!kisses La Folie 

caitlin said...

i absolutely love your outfit! it's making me excited for spring and summer! by the way, i also saw the hunger games and much to my surprise - loved it. except for the occasional inconsistency as well but LOVED it! said...

These shorts are SOOOO cute!! I love the apricot color. I have a similar pair in navy blue and I never really know what shoes to wear with them... help! :)

oooh, I saw the Hunger Games last weekend. I didn't read the books (I know, I know. I should really get on that) so there was something left to be desired with the story line, but I really enjoyed it!!

Christianna said...

LOVE this outfit! It's so freaking cute!

The Key To Chic said...

Hoorah for moms who share clothes! I love the high-waisted silhouette. Makes your legs look so long! I haven't read the book or seen the movie, but have been reading a lot about it online. Happy Friday!

Bric et Broc said...

Your short is really cute, love it so much ! The colour is great and with the boy it's just perfect <3


kelsi said...

I love high waisted anything right now and those shorts are adorable! I still haven't seen the Hunger Games yet (hopefully on Tuesday). I was wondering how they were going to pull it off since it's written from a first person viewpoint and so much of the book is all Katniss' thoughts about things.

Katrine said...

You're so pretty! <3 Yay for hand me downs :D

I haven't seen or read Hunger Games.. I guess I'm missing out?? :) Sounds a bit scary though haha


julianne. said...

i want your outfit bad.
its gorgeous, you look so freaking amazing.
perfect for summer!
love it! <3

punkychewster said...

oh those bow shorts are to die for. SO CUTE!!

Kaitlyn Yoo said...

Hi Erica! This is Kaitlyn who met you from Madewell event at Americana last thursday :)
It was great meeting you!
Your blog is so pretty and cool! As I already told you I am a new baby blogger :( haha
Hope we keep in touch and meet at other events-*
I am definitely following you from now on!
I also totally forgot to take pictures of you &I :(
next time for sure!!
HERE are some photos from the event. I remember you did not bring your camera there. Enjoy my pictures-*


Kaitlyn Yoo said...

ohhhhhh btw!
love your outfit!!!
especially your pants!
As you can see my blog name, I am obsessed with the bow-* haha


Megan Joy said...

Your lip color is so vibrant!