February 30 x 30 Wrap up

Finally! My 30 x 30 challenge has come to an end.

It actually passed by faster than I thought. There were a few pieces I only wore once (the white v-neck t-shirt, the cream and black heart skirt, the bow shorts, etc.), and a few that I over-wore (ahem, the gray and white striped skirt, nude bow blouse, and white tie-neck blouse).

I didn't anticipate the sick or lazy days, so those outfits weren't as imaginative as I hoped. Next time (there will, for sure, be a next time!) I attempt to this challenge again, I want to be a little more creative and use each piece at least two-three times, if possible. Maybe I'll include more dresses and shoes.

My no-shopping rule for the month was successful too. I stayed away from the mall stores (and I work at the mall) and deleted all the shopping alerts in my e-mail. I noticed that when I'm shopping, a lot of the things I buy are out of boredom and mostly impulsive, so I filled up my lunch hours with reading, and my free time with working  on other projects. Hopefully this is a habit I've broken.

Here are days 29 and 30, work outfits:
Outfit Details: Gray ruffle sweater (Gilly Hicks) | Black cropped jacket (Tara Jarmon x Target) | Khaki scalloped shorts (Lush via GoJane) | Black tights (Forever 21) | Silver bow "Chanel" flats (c/o Sole Society)

I apologize for the wrinkly shorts--this was post-work. I steamed them in the morning, but they wrinkle so easily!

black cropped jacket + gray ruffle sweater + khaki scalloped shorts + silver bow flats

Outfit Details: Nude bow blouse (ASOS) | Gray and white peplum skirt (Forever 21) | Black houndstooth tights (Francesca's) | Silver bow "Chanel" flats (c/o Sole Society)

nude bow blouse + gray and white peplum skirt + silver bow flats

Thank you so much to everyone who followed me throughout this challenge! Your support means a lot to me.

(although, I already can't wait to wear all my other clothes lol)


{ D a n i } said...

Hey, Erica :)
I'm one of the admin of PLL Argentina !
Thanks for your comment (I replied it there :P).

Your a lucky girl!


About this posts:
Nice challenge! and excellent outfits... I love the blouse (day 30)!!

Kisses from all the staff of PLLArg :)


Christianna said...

You made it! Yay! It was fun to follow you threw this!

AnaV said...

Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

Ana V

Bonnie said...

I love the black jacket that you added. It's super cute and something that I love to wear whenever I can.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Luna Tiger said...

It's very inspiring to see all these outfits together !!!

Kayleigh said...

I dont know how you managed to keep away from the shops, to do a bit of shopping, specially as you work in a mall! I just cant help myself :D
Ive loved every outfit, always put together in such a sweet stylish way.
I love your last outfit,the print on the skirt is just gorgeous.