'Dating Rules from My Future Self' Fashion: Ep. 8 - Time 2 Intervene

We've all had those days.
You know, the "I-was-up-all-night-and-woke-up-late-then-rolled-out-of-bed" kind of day.

In episode 8 of Dating Rules from My Future Self, Lucy is most definitely having one of those days.

This isn't exactly one of the most ~stylish of episodes, but I do appreciate the way she accessorized. Rather than bumming around in sweats and Uggs, she picked casual everyday items and added accessories with color.

Lucy's white t-shirt has a fun graphic of two people holding up pizza slices over their faces. I actually really like this. Not only does it look comfortable, but the graphic is silly and different (too bad I couldn't find the exact one online!).

Lucy attempts the incognito/hungover look, but jazzes up an otherwise plain outfit with a bold scarf, trucker hat, and oversized sunglasses with a slight cateye shape--a nod to her signature cateye readers.

Get the Look:
1. Vans Pista Trucker Hat (Pacific Sunwear, $20 USD) | 2. Splendid Sherpa Twill-Shell Hoodie (Last Call, $79) | 3. Damsel Cat Eye Sunglasses (Urban Outfitters, $14 USD)| 4. Chillin' Like a Villain Tee (ModCloth, $39.99 USD) | 5. Perfect Khaki Shorts (Old Navy, $19.94 USD) | 6. Orange Fluro Blanket Scarf (Miss Selfridge, $9 USD)

Start with your favorite white t-shirt with a quirky graphic or print (this one has a cute pug relaxing on a recliner!) and layer a gray fitted hoodie over it. Pull on a pair of simple khaki shorts, and accessorize with a trucker hat and black oversized cateye sunglasses. For a pop of color, tie a bright orange scarf around your neck. Top off the outfit with your comfiest shoes.

This outfit is perfect for those days you want to avoid people, be comfortable, but still look a little put-together without trying too hard.

You can watch episode 8, "Time 2 Invervene", here.
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