Don't be funny // 30 x 30: Days 5-7

Outfit Details: White striped boatneck t-shirt (Forever 21) | Magenta blazer (Forever 21) | Blue skinny jeans (Domain) | Black suede "Ampersand" pumps (Seychelles / Buy) | Light gold swing bag (Rebecca Minkoff via Endless) | Gray scarf (from my trip to Florence) | Silver and white bangles (Express) | Pink bangle (gift from Gracie) | Gold rhinestone bow earrings (Betsey Johnson)

My Day 6 outfit from my 30 x 30 challenge has been one of my favorites so far. Maybe it's the bright pink blazer and the fact that I've been color-starved lately that did it (I still want one in cobalt blue and/or red too). And I know it's quite matchy-matchy of me, but the pink bangle went perfectly with it! It's such a pretty color (it's a Christmas gift from my bloggy friend, Gracie!).

pink blazer + striped white boatneck t-shirt + dark blue skinny jeans + black suede pumps

Outfits 5 and 7 after the jump:

Outfit Details: Nude bow blouse (ASOS) | White and gray striped skirt (c/o Vanity) | Gray tights (Forever 21) | Black suede "Ampersand" pumps (Seychelles) 

nude bow blouse + gray and white striped skirt + black suede pumps
I wore this to a job interview (wish me luck!), and yes, I wore the skirt a couple days later to my regular job. Shhh.

Outfit Details: Cream long-sleeve bow blouse (Melissa Velia) | Gray and white striped skirt (c/o Vanity) | Black cable-knit leggings (American Basics) | Black suede "Folklore" boots (Seychelles)

cream long-sleeved bow blouse + gray and white striped skirt + black suede boots

This blouse from Melissa Velia is so great! I'm in love with the keyhole back (and it has a bow!). It's one of my work go-to items, especially now that it's starting to get a little chilly outside. Be sure to check out her shop for other feminine and sophisticated handmade items!

Do you have a "go-to" item for work right now? What is it? :D


Christianna said...

Ok, I love that pink blazer and that white shirt with the bow/keyhole! They are both so cute! I don't think I could ever pull off a blazer that color, but it looks great on you.

Luna Tiger said...

Lovely pink blazer, beautiful gold bag and cute shoes !!!

Following Melissa Velia said...

Love the color combo of the black/ white and hot pink. And of course I love the last outfit ;)

beautiful me plus you said...

love the pink blazer... great outfit.. good job!Just found your blog, and I really love it...I am your newest follower!
xxx Marina

strawberry MILK mustache said...

so inlove with your pink blazer!