'Dating Rules from My Future Self' Fashion: Ep. 5 - "Be Yr Own Wingman"

In episode 5 of Dating Rules from My Future Self, Lucy's friends tell her to get out and move on. Before hitting the bar scene, they convince her to wear a cute little strapless dress.

She's mostly unhappy about the whole thing...

...but who cares, because look how cute she accessorized the dress? As usual, Lucy puts her own spin on the plain purple dress by mixing it with unconventional accessories and an unexpected color combination (violet, neon yellow, and a little bit of turquoise).

Get the look:
1. Turquoise link bracelet (Lucky Brand, $35 USD) | 2. Violet twill ruched strapless "Lydia" dress (Bird by Juicy Couture, on sale for $200 USD) | 3. Skinny neon yellow belt (Hive & Honey, $28 USD) | 4. Dark brown leather croc "Cress" pumps (Nine West, on sale for $65.99 USD) | 5. Multi-chain necklace (ASOS, on sale for $32.23 USD)

It's a little pricey, but I'm almost positive this is the exact dress that she's wearing (Juicy Couture; originally $400, on sale for $200). Pair the purple strapless mini dress with a patent neon yellow skinny belt. Add a chunky turquoise goldtone bracelet and a layered multi-chain necklace. It's impossible to see her shoes in this episode, but I think these crocodile textured leather brown pumps pull the look together nicely.

Now you can hit the bars and be your own wingman too! ;)

You can watch episode 5, "Be Yr Own Wingman" here.
Enjoy, fellow Lucy lovers.

More Dating Rules fashion to come! Read fashion re-caps for previous episodes here.


julianne. said...

i love that shade of purple.
what an adorable outfit! <3

Sandy a la Mode said...

cute look! LOVE that bracelet!

Kayleigh said...

Great advice, and this programme looks good and funny,never heard of it before. Love the items you picked,amazing how you found items that look xactly the same and that dress,great find,finding the actual dress,if only i had the money to treat myself :D

Thanks so much for your kind words,i hope your well and are having a lovely day x

Fashion Blawger said...

I think you're right that it is the same exact dress. Grrr, too bad I've sworn off purple clothes for the next two seasons (I started realizing my closet was looking like a Barney fan's so I'm taking a break from it).

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