'Dating Rules from My Future Self' Fashion: Ep. 4 - "Heal Yrself"

"Heal Yrself" is probably the only episode of Dating Rules from My Future Self where Lucy really strays away from her personal style. In an attempt to make her loser ex see what he's missing, she swaps outfits with her friend, and goes from sloppy to...

...well, sexy.
Perhaps a little hoochie.
But the dress itself is still pretty cute. Maybe you can add tights if it's a little too much leg for you.

Or you know, you can leave it the way it is.
Just try to look a little more confident than our little Lucy and you'll be able to rock it.

1. Red and black striped fitted minidress (Betsey Johnson Pink Label, $98 USD) |  2.   Dark brown booties (Blowfish, $52.50 USD) | 3. Brown ditsy floral vest (Forever 21, $16.90 USD)| 4. Black enamel bangle (KEP Designs, $20 USD) 

Pair a fitted red minidress (this Betsey Johnson Pink Lable dress is a tad longer and features super cute ruffles on the back!) with a dark brown vest to get Lucy's (erm...Lucy's friend's) look. Add a simple black enamel bangle and some dark brown high-heeled platform booties, and you'll be turning heads everywhere you go.

And because I couldn't resist...

I think Lucy's monster feet are adorable! After some serious sleuthing, I found similar ones on Etsy. They're handmade and come in different sizes besides children's (yes, women's shoe sizes!) and colors (but I quite like the pink).

Pink Monster Slippers (Baby Cricket, $50 USD)
You're welcome.
You can watch episode 4 here!

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