Come on be good // 30 x 30: Days 20-22

Outfit Details: Cream "Darling " blouse with black bow (Melissa Velia) | Black and white bow mini-skirt (Tommy Girl via Macy's) | Cropped black jacket (Tara Jarmon x Target) | Gray tights (Forever 21) | Black suede "Folklore" boots (Seychelles) | Silver bow earrings (Tous)

Just one week left of my 30 for 30 challenge!
It actually hasn't been that bad, although, I do miss my other clothes (and I'm sure they miss me too).

I think it's a challenge I want to do a few times this year--maybe each season (but I don't know if I'll include shoes in the challenge...I have so many that I want to wear). I'm even considering doing a 30 for 30 dress challenge, so we'll see.

black cropped jacket + cream long-sleeved blouse + black bow skirt + black suede boots

Outfits 20 and 21 after the jump:

Outfit Details: Gray ruffle sweater (Gilly Hicks) | Navy and pink polka-dot mini-skirt (Gilly Hicks) | Black leggings (Target)

gray ruffle sweater + navy and pink polka-dot mini-skirt

Outfit Details: Yellow bow blouse (Tulle) | Heather gray boyfriend cardigan (Gap) | Black high-waist mini pencil skirt (Forever 21) | Black heart sweater tights (Forever 21) | Black brown patent ballet flats (Coach)

heather gray boyfriend cardigan + yellow bow blouse + black mini pencil skirt + black brown patent ballet flats

But...I do miss shopping.
At least I've managed to save a lot more money this month than I normally would have. Yay!

Enjoy the rest of your week.