Polish Post: Monochromatic Blue

If you're feeling too lazy to try any complicated designs (like me) but still want your nails to look like you tried something, how about painting them monochromatic? Mix it up by using nail polishes in different  finishes (I used glitter, shimmer, and solid) but sticking to the same hue (I used blue). It creates a look that is simple but still eye-catching.

Paint two coats of each shade (I used three for the glitter polish to make it opaque) and finish with a topcoat.

"Spirit of Truth" (Wonder Woman x MAC) | "Baby Blue" (Pop Beauty Nail Glam) | Metallic Blue (Skin Food Nail Vita) | "Absolutely Alice" (Alice in Wonderland x O.P.I.) | "Pacific Hoot" (Pop Beauty Nail Glam)

What color do you want to try this look with?