Photo Diary: Christmas 2011

Taken with my new Canon 50mm lens (a gift to myself). SO happy that the heart bokeh came out so well!

Just wanted to share a few photos from Christmas with my family! We have a few family traditions that we do every year, including giving each other a new ornament to add to the tree on Christmas Eve, and opening presents on Christmas morning. My sister (visiting from Chicago! Yay!) and I decided to give new pajamas to our parents too (a tradition we started just last year) so that everyone would have something new to wear in the morning.

We also had a Christmas party the day of, with my grandparents and a bunch of uncles, aunts, and cousins. We ate a lot of food and just had a good time.

stockings and presents next to the tree

me, adding my new ornament to the tree on Christmas Eve

my new Tinkerbell ornament, a gift from my parents

dad, mom, me & my sister

our new pajamas 

If you look closely in the last two family photos, you can see our dog, Bojangles (he is part of the family after all).

Do you and your family have any traditions for the holidays?