'Dating Rules from My Future Self'

Guilty pleasure of the moment: the Alloy web series Dating Rules from My Future Self. It stars a bunch of actors that used to be on WB dramas and is full of fluffy, girlie goodness.

Shiri Appleby plays Lucy, a dorky-cute 20-something in the midst of a life-altering relationship crisis--to get engaged or not to get engaged? With the help of her two best friends and mysterious texts from--you guessed it, her future self--she tries to sort out her life and figure out what she really wants.

Totally cheesy? Yes.
Totally cute? Also yes.

(and I kind of like her outfits. A lot.)

image: credit

New episodes are uploaded every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and are about 10 minutes each--which is pretty awesome if you have a short attention span like I do at the moment. Thanks, Jess, for  introducing me to it!

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