Erica's Totally Awesome Holiday Mix 2011

Erica's Holiday Mix 2011 by Erica Leigh on Grooveshark

I love Christmas music.
No, really.

Although I'm subjected to the Top 40 Holiday Songs that loop on the mall's soundtrack while I'm at work seven hours a day and five days a week, I do have my own personal favorites that I love listening to every year (as well as a few new favorites!).

Enjoy the mix! There's a little bit of everything on it, including The Bird and the Bee, Jimmy Eat World, Ella Fitzgerald, and Mariah Carey (ohhh, I was obsessed with her Christmas album when I was a kid!).

Also: The Spice Girls.
Because every 90's kid needs a little Spice Girls on their holiday playlist.

What song puts you in the mood for the holidays? I'd love to know!