Pretty Little Things: Fall 2011

Color block pleat dress - courtesy of SwayChic - on sale for $29

Missoni for Target  mini skirt (thanks to my cousin Hazel for finding one for me!)

Zippy Bowler in Tobacco  - Courtesy of R&Em - $88 - Available at Macy's

"Night at the Opera" glvoes  - $16 at Francesca's Collections

Folklore boot in black - Seychelles - Available on Amazon

A few of my newest finds for fall! :)
What are you excited to wear this season?


Belen said...

LOVE the boots! I'm pretty unlucky when it comes to boot shopping tho. UGH. And this winter I want leathery boots cuz I don't want water soaking in and ruining them like last year with my suede-like ones. :( This'll be the year I find cute rainboots or non-water-soaking fashion boots haha.

Luna Tiger said...

I love the dress on the first picture !!!

The Key To Chic said...

Yes! Missoni for Target! I have the blue sweater dress, such a pretty color combo, I adore it! I painted my nails silver with some multi-colored glitter yesterday, and was reminded of your amazing nails! Hopefully, we'll catch up soon at an event! Happy November, Erica!

Kayleigh said...

Those finger less gloves are so adorable x