Polish Post: Champagne & Bronze French Manicure

A little spin on a classic look!

I felt like wearing a neutral polish but didn't want it to be too plain, so I decided on a French manicure with two shimmer brown-based polishes.

"Shine on" by Urban Decay and a bronze polish by Skinfood

I painted two coats of a champagne shade (Urban Decay's "Shine On") and carefully free-handed the stripe with a bronze color (by Skinfood). The result was a neutral two-tone French mani. Pretty simple enough.

What's on your nails right now? Trying anything fun for the holidays? :)


the funky fashionista said...

I swear Erica, you have some of the best manicures ever! I love this bronze look you have going on!


lorenabr said...

Love the look!
Pop in my shop for some limited edition fashionable Christmas cards and tags!

PinkGlitter said...

Awesome combination. I can't believe you painted these free-hand (I don't have a steady hand at all for stripes). They look great!


Gah! Its posts like these that really make me quite sad that I bite my nails! haha. You've done a wonderful job on yours hun. The colours are a FANTASTIC alternative to the traditional french nail style ^_^


Jayme and Mendi said...

Super cute! I love this look. Right now I'm wearing OPI's San Tantonio with a glitter accent nail in OPI's Classic DS. But this weekend I'm switching it up for something a little more holiday-ish! ;)

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Michelle Lee said...

skinfood is amazing isn't it? :)
when you get a chance
try some polishese from "thesaem" too! they have pretty polishes too


Gracie said...

I will have to learn how to put nail polish on. I just can't do it neatly but I want to wear so many different colours. Yours look amazing!!

Sydney H. said...

completely in love with this!!
I must try this

- Sydney xo