Photo Diary: The Halloween Adventures of the Mouse and the Fox

Me and my awesome co-worker Carlie had the day off for Halloween and decided to do a bunch of random activities. We discovered that Color Me Mine had a Halloween special where if you wear a costume, they waive the studio fee ($10). We were both in the Halloween spirit and itching to paint cutesy decorative pottery things (a.k.a. bisques), so Carlie painted a cupcake, and I painted an ice cream cone.


Our painted bisques will be ready tomorrow. I can't wait to see how they turned out! 

me and Carlie the mouse and the fox

Afterwards, we snuck some Chipotle into the movie theatres (shhhh) and watched Paranormal Activity 3.

Kids in horror movies are always creepy.

Then we shopped around a bit and watched a mini exotic animal show at the mall (what?). Our city takes Halloween pretty seriously.

Gus Gus the porcupine (cute, eh?)

Did you do anything for Halloween? :)