Nail polish collaborations I'm excited for

If you follow me on either Facebook or Twitter, you might've seen me mention these already.

I've always been a nail polish addict, but I think it got worse this year. There are just too many pretty shades and finishes that I want to try (glitter! matte! crackle!), as well as some ambitious nail art. It's just a fun, small way to express yourself. With nail art, anything goes.

It's also just too easy to spend money on. Nail polish can typically be anywhere from a couple of bucks to around $10, and is usually justifiable because hey, it's not that expensive (cut to my ever-growing collection of random polishes that have only been used a few times).

So here are the two I'm really excited for...

Muppets x OPI 
(Image: OPI)

This collection is available in stores now, and I'm actually really impressed with the shades. The set is made up of really fun glitters (I'm coveting the magically colorful Rainbow Connection), as well as shimmery reds and nudes. It's a good mix.

Hunger Games x China Glaze
(Image and source: Fashionista)

I'm not sure which shades I'd actually want to wear from this collection (some are a little...drab/sad), and the names are cheesy enough to induce secondhand embarrassment, but the sheer fact that it's inspired by Hunger Games--one of my favorite YA series--is enough to convince me to own a bottle or two. It's set to launch early next year.

These movie-inspired collections always seem a little random, no? (Ahem. Pirates of the Caribbean. Shrek.) I'm still intrigued though.

Which shades are your favorite?


PinkGlitter said...

I didn't know about the China Glaze collaboration. I love all the glitters from the Muppets collection but Rainbow Connection is the one I think I'll definitely be picking up.

Fabrizia said...

Such a lovely post, I like these shades, my favourite is Heat of the moment!!

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Meg said...

I love Primrose and Rebel! I've been looking for the perfect brown for fall... though now we're heading into Christmas and winter, so I better choose quick!

Kim's Vanity said...

Awww, I had no idea that there was going to be a Muppets collection! Too cute and I'll be wanting some of the colors too!

Michelle Lee said...

Always love nail polishes too :)

ninrevenant said...

Ooooo fire in flight, what a cool name! I love the Muppets! I was just at their red carpet movie premiere the other day in Hollywood. They are so cute <3