52 Weeks: Week 12 - Decisive Moment

Week 12: Decisive Moment
Week 12: Decisive Moment

(Which one do I eat first?)

These are the macarons I got from Bottega Louie a while back.

I already had trouble picking flavors...deciding which ones to start with were difficult (not like you can go wrong with any flavor, really).

For the record: they were all good.


the funky fashionista said...

I have never tried macarons before but they look delicious! I have got to try some! So is each color a different flavor? What are they made of? Macarons look like they would make the perfect finger food for any really girly tea party!

Alysa Kimiko said...

Mmm!!! i love macarons! lucky girl!!

PinkGlitter said...

I've never had a macaron but they look delicious and so pretty!

julianne. said...

holy freaking yum.
they're just so pretty!

CINDY NGO said...

mmmm! i miss bottega louie! ... well, i miss LA... period. haha. have you tried 'lette macarons?

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cindy - design3rd

Robin said...

Oh my, they look so pretty & delicious! I've never actually had one, but boy am i tempted now! The blue one looks so sparkly!

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MARGARET said...

Macarons are the best! My sister got me some from Laduree in Paris... and they were amazing. I've never tried making them but it's on my to-do list. :) Good luck not devouring them all in one sitting! ;-)


Sydney H. said...

yumm I love macarons and not to mention how pretty they are :)

- Sydney xo