The Year of Adventurous Shoes: Bunnies & Bows

Earlier this week, Kelsi tweeted about some cute new shoes she bought.

...And somehow I ended up with three pairs in my shopping cart and on my doorstep (hey, I just found out I got promoted at work again, so I might as well reward myself). ;)

Ohhh Le Bunny Bleu, how did I not know about you?

I've been looking for comfortable, colorful, and cute flats to wear with my neutral colored outfits at work (shoes are a bit of a free-for-all, so long as I'm not wearing anything casual, like sneakers or flip-flops), and Le Bunny Bleu seemed to be the perfect option!

Le Bunny Bleu specializes in quirky, romantic, vintage-inspired flats. I liked that they had synthetic and real leather options in a wide range of colors and styles. They're cushioned and have thick soles, so they seem like they'll hold up for a long time (which is great, because I'm on my feet all day!). Each pair came in a sky blue box, with a dust bag and small packet of...oil blotting papers for your face? Okay, weird but cool. I needed those anyway, I guess.

Only thing to watch out for: sizing is a little inconsistent, so pay plenty attention to the descriptions! Most styles run a little small. If you're between sizes, you might want to size up (I'm usually between 7.5 and 8, and got them in 8. One fit fine, but two were a little snug, but still wearable).

Beige Juliet's Dream Ballet Flats - $44 USD - Buy

Mint Bunny Motive Flats - $49 USD - Buy

Red O&O Jewelry Bunny Flats - $55 USD - Buy

No, I didn't spend $148 on shoes.
They actually have this awesome promo right now where if you buy at least two pairs, you get 50% off your entire order (+ free shipping in the US)! I also got a 25% off rebate (not sure how long it will last, but they do have weekly specials going on right now).

Happy shopping, shoe lovers.


Carla said...

I love shoes. Especially ones with bunnies on them, they are so so so so cute.

Pooja_G said...

all three are so pretty! :)

the funky fashionista said...

Your shoes are adorable! I love bunnies! My favorite are the red ones!

PinkGlitter said...

Cute flats! I love the beige ones.

vonilicious said...

These are adorable.

Tiara said...

these are so cute and sooo you! congrats on your job promotion!! <3

punkychewster said...

i <3 this post! really?? 50% off the ENTIRE order and then free shipping?? they really know how to make us splurge!

congrats on your promotion!

julianne. said...

i just died over these shoes.
they are so stinkin' adorable i need a pair! <3

Sydney H. said...

OMG these are the cutest flats I have ever seen!!!! I must buy these wow I love all three :)

- Sydney xo