Polish Post: Pop Beauty Gold & Pink Glitz

Pop Beauty Nail Glam in Gold Glitz and Pink Glitz
I couldn't quite decide on which of my new polishes to try...so I tried both! I bought them on sale for $5/each on Ulta.

Pop Beauty's Nail Glam is one of my favorite polish brands--especially the glitters. Two to three coats and it's completely opaque and all sparkle. I want to get some of their other solid colors next time. They come in lots of pretty bright shades.

I usually post these nail photos on my Facebook, but I think I'll start posting them here too. I like DIY nail art and manicures, so look out for more posts (maybe even a few tutorials and reviews) in the future! :)

What color are your nails painted right now?


julianne. said...

what a steal! they look so adorable.
gosh i love glitter!

PinkGlitter said...

Wow, I have to check out POP nail polish. Really pretty. I've never seen them in Ulta stores around here.

Right now I'm wearing OPI Kiss on the Chic. My most worn nail polish (it's half gone). It's a medium pink.

Joey said...

Such pretty glittery colours! Mine's lilac and pale blue at the moment, but chipping pretty badly.

the funky fashionista said...

I love glitter nail polish! Your nails look so cute! I don't own an glitter nail-polish but now I definetly want me some! Right now my nails are bare but my toes are painted a pretty hot pink.


The Key To Chic said...

I love nail art. I hope you do more posts here in the future! Right now, I'm wearing Topshop's Moonshine, which is a gold/bronze metallic which is quite durable :) I love sparkle and shine when it comes to nails.

wifluvelle said...

lurveee bling bling nails but always find it hard to remove >.<

xoxo elle