Polish Post: Frosty Pastel Rainbow Nails

For the indecisive.
I've been into pretty pastel shades lately and wanted an excuse to try my new lavender blue Milk Creamy Nail polish ($5) from Skin Food, but was too lazy to do any stamping or fancy designs.

So I decided on rainbow nails.

I used sheer shimmer polish to make them look frosted, but they look fine plain too! Have fun experimenting with mixing and matching shades.

Sheer shimmer Goldie nail polish in "Cheap"

Get the look: Pick 5 different solid-colored opaque pastel nail polishes and paint each nail with 2 coats (or until completely opaque) and let dry, then paint a sheer shimmer polish polish over each nail as well (1-2 coats). Finish with a topcoat.

Here are the polishes I used on each nail (from left to right). Some are discontinued, but I'm sure you can find similar (or even prettier!) shades to substitute.

Goldie pink lavender | Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail in blue lavender | Hard Candy in "Sky" (discontinued formula) | H&M polish in "Lovely Lavender" | China Glaze in "For Audrey"

Do you ever paint your nails with different colors?
And my favorite question: What color are your nails right now? :)


Beauty and Bows said...

The colours are so adorable!

Kisses, Melanie

Virgit said...

loving this colours they are so adorable

Michelle Lee said...

lovely nails :)

punkychewster said...

i love pastels! these are such pwetty colors!!!

PinkGlitter said...

Pretty nails! China Glaze's For Audrey is one of my favorite polishes.

the funky fashionista said...

I love your nails! They are so pretty! Pastel nails look like fun!


Meg said...

Very cool! I'm currently rocking a color called Alfre from Julep -- it's this shimmery, pretty cross between purple and gray. Reading your blog always makes me want to change my nail color, haha! And I actually just joined a "nail polish of the month" sort of club from Julep... so now my obsession can really get crackin'!