I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance

Outfit Details: White chiffon dress with heart print (Dahlia via Asos) | Black diamond tights (Sidecca) | Black t-strap mary-jane pumps (Payless) | Bunny earrings (Forever 21) | Bunny necklace (Anirtak via Etsy)

Another work outfit. I'm just really excited that I got to wear my new Dahlia dress from Asos, my new favorite place to shop (even though it's overseas and shipping takes a bit longer. Worth it).

I've also been experimenting with up-dos in an attempt to look more put-together. I actually like how the Dutch braid thing worked out! My bangs are growing out right now, so I just combed them back. If you need a tutorial, try Keiko Lynn's (which I used). It's really easy and good for day-after hair, or when you don't have much time to style it in the morning.

Also: this has been stuck in my head lately. I <3 Kate Nash. Enjoy!


Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much for your comment and for your help,I would love to use your photo's,I really love your style x
I'll post a photo on my blog today or tomorrow and of course il link it back to your blog,and if at anytime you'd like your photo taken down,just let me know x
Thanks again for your help,it means so much :D
I love your dress in this btw,black and white is such a classic look x

Kayleigh said...

Heya,just so you know Ive posted the photo you sent on my blog,hope you like it. If not or you want me to add anything or to take it down just let me know x
Thank you

Paige said...

The title of this post; I love that song! Saw them play it live - was amazing! :D Hehe. Love your dress and unique style teaming it with the tights! Wish I could do my hair like this - I'm useless! :P xx

Michelle Lee said...

perfect hairstyle for this lovely outfit :)

PinkGlitter said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Just wanted to let you know Butter polishes will be buy one, get one free at Ulta on 9/20! :)

Cute outfit. I love patterned tights. I also tried Keiko's dutch braid tutorial!

NinaRevenant said...

Excited that it's getting cooler here so I can too wear leggings.... so cute!!!

Danielle said...

Gorgeous outfit lovely! Those tights work so well with that dress. :)



julianne. said...

why do you look so good in everything?!
this is an amazing outfit.