Beauty Blurb: Too Faced's Size Queen Mascara

Too Faced's Size Queen mascara - $21 USD at Sephora

I rely heavily on reviews and Sephora testing/sampling for beauty products, but sometimes I buy random things on a whim because I'm curious (or the packaging is reeeeally nice). I've been trying new products lately and going on mini beauty binges, so I thought it might be helpful to share some of my experiences with you.

Anyway, I had 10 minutes left on my lunch break, so I ran into Sephora and started frantically searching for mascara because I was running out and wanted to try a new one. Any mascara. Any new mascara that promised volume and wasn't waterproof. For some reason, this was the one time that I couldn't find a salesperson to help me (even though they always seem to be there every time I don't need them), so I grabbed the prettiest one I could find after I saw that Benefit's They're Real mascara was sold out:

Too Faced's Size Queen (Photo credit: Sephora)

The bottle itself is bigger than your average mascara, as well as the brush. It promises to curl, lengthen, thicken, and volumize your lashes with its giant corkscrew brush.

What I liked: The formula's pretty good. It's really black, lasts all day and doesn't flake. After a bit of practice, it can create dramatic doll-like lashes. It really does add a good amount of volume and length, and lashes are flexible and soft.

Clinique on top, Too Faced on bottom to show brush size

What I didn't like: Ginormous brush is ginormous. There's a bit of a learning curve when you first use it because the brush is just that large! There's plenty of potential for eye pokage and smudges near your eye, so be careful when maneuvering it. It grabbed my top eyelashes easily, but I had trouble using it on my bottom lashes, and it doesn't seem to curl much. Also, if you apply more than two coats it can get a little spider-y and clumpy.

Verdict: It's good, but I wouldn't buy it again. Too difficult to get results, and the brush is frighteningly big.

Still hunting for the perfect mascara.

Have you tried it? What's your favorite volumizing mascara? Recommendations are always appreciated! Thanks. :)