Wishlist: Things with bows

I don't wear bows on my head as often as I used to (I have a headband collection that would rival Blair Waldorf's), but they still manage to find their way onto my outfits one way or another--usually in the form of belts, earrings, or shoes.

Here are a few of my current bow obsessions (there are always new ones)! My next paycheck can't get here fast enough. ;]

Maggi Pump in Nude by Betsey Johnson | Buy from Amazon for about $70 USD
Bow Clasp Wallet in Baby Blue by Ted Baker | Buy from Nordstrom for $110 USD
Silver Tuxedo Bow Tie Necklace by ANORIGINALJEWELRY | Buy from Etsy for $50 USD
Custom Ballerina Pink Bow Belt by Darlingtonia | Buy from Etsy for $40 USD
Sheet Bow Tights | Buy from ASOS for $17.24 USD
Roxy Bow Frame Bag by Melie Bianco | Buy from Ruche for $91.99 USD
Bow Back Sweater by Pins and Needles | Buy from Urban Outfitters for $19.99 USD
Which ones do you want to add to your wishlist? :)