Misikko HANA Flat Iron 1.5": Review

I am not the type of girl that spends hours doing her hair. I'll probably do a quick blow-dry with a round brush or curl it a little bit, but other than that, I don't usually like spending too much time on my hair.

I've always had issues using hair straighteners on myself and would get impatient easily. Even though my hair is naturally straight-ish (it's a little wavy), I could never quite replicate the straight styles at the salons. So when Misikko approached me for a product review, I thought I'd give it a shot.

I got to try the HANA Professional Flat Iron (1.5"). The first thing I noticed was the perfect packaging (and it arrived FAST--a couple of days after the shipping confirmation). The flat iron even comes with a travel pouch a heat-proof pad so you won't burn your counter (yay!).

The instructions were pretty straightforward. There are different temperature settings ranging from 140ºf-450ºf, and the instructional booklet recommended certain ones depending on your hair type. I used mine on 302ºf, a medium setting (my hair is naturally just a little wavy, so I didn't need to use a higher setting).

I liked that it was really easy to use--I was able to straighten my hair pretty fast. Also, the other straighteners I've used left my hair kind of dry and frizzy, but this one actually left mine soft and shiny. It didn't even leave any static, which is something I usually suffer from with other flat irons.

All in all, it's a great flat iron! I'm excited to try different straight styles in the future and will let you know how that goes.

And if anyone can refer me to a good tutorial on using straighteners to curl your hair--something I just can't seem to master--please do! :)

The HANA Professional Flat Iron 1.5" is available on Misikko for $129.99 USD (and yes, they have curling irons too!).

Disclosure: I received this product courtesy of Misikko in exchange for an honest review.