52 Weeks: Weeks 1-3

I miss doing Project 365, but it's not something I'd like to attempt again (at least, not for a while). I recently joined a 52 Weeks group on Flickr though, to keep me occupied when I'm not working. I like the challenge of interpreting the different themes every week--much different from Project 365 where sometimes I'd just snap a photo of anything out of desperation.

Here are weeks 1-3: blogger poses, newspaper nails, and star-shaped bokeh.
I'll post the future photos in the challenge weekly. Enjoy! :)

Week 1: Repetition
Week 1: Repetition
Week 2: Prints
Week 2: Print
Week 3: Stars
Week 3: Stars
What about you? Have you done a photo challenge recently? :)


ShopPinkGlitter said...

Seems like a fun challenge. Neat nails!

strawberry MILK mustache said...

beautiful photos

lady sélénite said...

How did you made these nails ? it's fabulous !

the funky fashionista said...

I've never done one of these challenges but then again my blog is pretty new! :)


Meg said...

Absolutely love the newspaper nails! And since I work at a paper, that might make me a hit around the office.