52 Weeks: Week 5 - Candles

Week 5: Candles
Week 5: Candles
I had issues finding candles in my stash of random stuff, even though I KNEW I had some! Here they are. I always try to make sure I have some color in my photos, hence the neon candles. I got the mini candelabra from target (it's actually a cake topper).

It's fun taking photos in the dark.


the funky fashionista said...

The Gingham satchel bag is from Modcloth! I'm glad you liked it!

Kayleigh said...

Ive never taken photos in the dark before,I really love how your photos have turned out,have a lovely mysterious,dark affect and I super love the neon candles,cool contrast.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment,always so lovely to read,and always puts a smile on my face!

Hope you have a fabulous day.

NinaRevenant said...

Candles!! Great photo, lovely lovely :)